Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Truecrypt 5.0 on Fedora Core

That's it! I've had enough with TC on my box. And all it took was six days. Before it, I ran TC on Ubuntu for one week. And now it's history!

My problems began when I was installing TC on Ubuntu. Or actually, there was no problem when installing Truecrypt. I found this version of Truecrypt, build on X86_64. The problems began when I was trying to use ext2 or ext3 -filesystem on Ubuntu. Truecrypt supports FAT32 and NTFS -filesystems straight out of the box. Can you imagine Linux box using FAT filesystem?

Well, luckily there is a way how to use some other filesystem on Truecrypt. Well, did it work? No, sir! mkfs.ext3 crashed my machine. So did mkfs.ext2. What's the solution? Reiserfs!

After few hours of struggle, I finally had my (k)Ubuntu installation with a hard drive encrypted with Truecrypt. The filesystem had to be Reiserfs, because mkfs with ext2/ext3 failed.

After few days of usage, I ran into problem that my box started to crash randomly. I thought that the problem was xscreensaver, so I disabled it. I also had problems with (k)Ubuntu's firewall >> I decided to install my beloved Fedora Core. I managed to install Truecrypt using .deb files, and I allready had my hard drives encrypted with reiserfs.

Goodbye, problems? So I thought. I started to move backups from my other boxes to ecrypted filesystems, and I ran into problems of crashing box. Again. Luckily this time I had my ssh session open with top runnig on the screen. I saw that my box's iowait was 99% and system load near 50 before crashing. Conclusion: Truecrypt doesn't like small files (like your picture collection, large amount of midi files, or even mp3 files. I tried to copy one 12gb tar archive from encrypted filesystem to "clean" filesystem, iowait 99% and crash. Again. At this point I decided that this is no time for me to use ecryption. Adios, Truecrypt! Maybe next time!

I have to say, that the usage of TC was quite easy. Point n' click. But the results were bogus. What a shame.

I must admit that I will follow truecrypt forums and if I find out that the performance problems are gone, I'll give it another shot.

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