Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fixing Joomla + JCE + madeyourweb center align

I wanted to use Joomla + JCE editor + madeyourweb -template on a web site.

After installing all necessary stuff, I realized that JCE editor uses madeyourweb -template's align=center - setting. Here's two ways to fix this:

1) Open Joomla administrator >> goto Mambots >> Site Mambots and open JCE Editor Mambot

On left side there's a text saying "Template CSS classes", change this setting to No, and Voilá, align is left again.

Here's more advanced option:

2) Edit your template_css.css and change align=center to align=left


3) Copy your template_css.css to another file, edit this file and force JCE Mambot to use this CSS file in "Custom CSS Classes" -option.

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